Moving & Packing Supplies

We have a wide variety of packing and moving supplies at each of our locations. Whether you are in need of tape for your boxes or a mattress bag for storing your bed, we have it here.

Don’t worry about buying our last box. We have enough boxes for your project!

Our specialty items include shrink wrap that comes in large or small rolls, packing peanuts and oil shields if you are storing a vehicle.


Small Box
Books, CD's, Tools, Video Tapes

Medium Box
Kitchen Utensils, Miscellaneous items

Large Box
Pots, Pans, Toys, Medium Lamps, Shades

Extra Large Box
Light Bulky Items, Toys, Tupperware

File/Record Box
Files, Electronic Devices and Records

Dish/Glass Pack
"Double Walled" for china, glassware or a large lamp.

Wardrobe Box
Comes with sturdy hanger

Packing Supplies

  • Bubble Wrap 12x15
  • Bubble Wrap 16x10
  • Newsprint Paper 10 lbs
  • Packing Peanuts
  • Shrink Wrap Large
  • Shrink Wrap Small
  • Dish Pack Large
  • Dish Set Small
  • Glass Set Pack

Specialty Items

  • Disk Lock
  • Disk Lock, 2 pack
  • Chair Cover
  • Dust Cover 10x20
  • Sofa Cover 4.5x152
  • Jumbo Utility Bags
  • Full Mattress Bag
  • King Mattress Bag
  • Queen Mattress Bag
  • Twin Mattress Bag
  • Tape Kit 2 rolls w/ Tape Gun
  • Clear Packing Tape (3-pk dispenser)
  • Clear Tape (55 yds) x 2
  • Oil Shield
  • Paper Pad
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